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Mazda 3 popcorn popping under my hood along with water boiling sound

Mazda has a popping sound coming from underneath the hood along with a sound of water boiling I’m a girl and not too sure of what is going on with my car but the popping comes from the left side and then it’ll pop on the right side and then it’ll pop on the left side and then I’ll pop on the right side this is with my car turned off I don’t know what it’s doing while I’m driving but I’m Deuce I hear a boiling sound along with the popping as the cars driving as well please help me what is going on with my car

Why not get your local general mechanic take a look at it.He probably won’t charge you anything!

Rather than asking us to diagnose this problem–which could be serious–via cyberspace, I strongly suggest that the OP take her car today to a mechanic’s shop.

I’m deuce???

What does you being a girl have anything to do with the problem you’re experiencing with your car?


It sort of sounds like the radiator is boiling. This could be caused by a leak in the cooling system, faulty radiator pressure cap, faulty thermostat, or faulty radiator cooling fan operation. As posted above this needs to be looked at immediately as severe engine damage caused by overheating is possible. You could check the coolant level in the radiator (engine cold) if you know how to do this safely.

Buy a new radiator cap, put it on in the morning before you start the car.