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Mazda 3 2012 weird noice and then battery icon

I was just driving on a city road, suddenly I hear a weird noise as if you were to hit some snow on a high speed but the road was dry. Then battery icon turns on, I googled and saw this:


If the car’s dashboard battery light comes on, you might be able to make it home or to a service facility for a repair. The car will continue running as long as some juice is left in the battery…

Exactly what happened to me. I decided to drive home - 2 miles drive as as I was approaching home power steering died. Then check engine light came up and I turned off the car by my house.

Have you ever had a similar scenario with a noise and then battery icon coming up? What would it be?

Either alternator failed or the belt driving it broke.

how much would it be to fix something like this? What belt is it by the way?

I have no idea of the cost. It would vary by location. Go to to get a better idea. It would be the serpentine belt.

Since the actual problem is unknown a cost is impossible to know . Look under the hood and see if there is a pulley that does not have a belt on it.

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makes sense. Appreciate it guys!

Yes. The something similar happened both times the alternator failed in my Corolla. In my case the noise was a high pitched sound from the radio but the car had the other symptoms. Yours appears to be a broken serpentine belt though because your Mazda has conventional power steering instead of the electric variety and a failed alternator wouldn’t affect it.

Looks like a serpentine belt broke…

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Yup. Make sure to check or have a mechanic check the pulleys and tensioner before replacing the belt.

The repair/replacement of this belt is about $50. No big deal. It cost $42.50 om my Corolla.