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Wierd battery or alternator problem

My 2014 Mazda CX-5 has been having battery light issue. I had to replace a dead battery with a Autozone one about two months ago. A month after the replacement battery light started coming on with no noticeable pattern. It started very brief, like couple minutes in the middle of rides. Now there is very clear pattern in the incidents. The light comes up when the temperature gets lower. It turns on every morning in the middle of rides when I change the speed for stopping, turning curves and accelerating. It comes on for few minutes and goes away until next speed change happens. It doesn’t come on during the day when the temperature is warmer, and comes on back as it gets darker and cold. As I look back, the first incident was on a rainy day with it getting cold. What I wonder is if the problem is on the battery or alternator. Or the belt. Autozone tested the battery multiple times, and even replaced it with new one to make sure, and claimed there is no problem with it. I don’t notice any flickering of headlights. My cigarette jack voltage meter reads between 13.8 and 14.2 most of the time. ( It drops to 13.2-13.5 when I turn corners briefly.) I wonder if anyone had any similar problems before. If you do, please share your experience. Thanks.

Belt or belt tensioner would be top of my list.

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My guess is same as yours. However, wouldn’t the belt make any noise if it has a problem? I don’t hear any noise.

Belts don’t always make noises when they slip.