Help! Please! with My Mazda



My 2003, 80,000 mile Mazda has a problem my usual mechanics (and me) can’t figure out.

OK, the car has a new (Summer 2009) battery, belts and alternator. On a wet day, the battery light (the charging system warning light)comes on for a minute and then goes off while you’re driving. The car does not stall, though it did once. Am I going to burn out my alternator? What’s the problem?

Would appreciate any feedback…thank you so much.



You probably have a slipping alternator drive belt. This happens sometimes as water will get on the belt when it rains (splashing through puddles). I would let a good mechanic check it out since a lot of people will overtighten or undertighten the belt. If it’s a serpentine belt then have them check the tension of the tensioner.


Thank you for your reply.
The belts have recently been replaced because they were screeching also. The screeching is gone, but that darn light keeps coming on every once in awhile. I suppose they could check the tension again. Is this a standard problem when it’s so wet out?


It can be. My wife has a Grand Cherokee that does this on occasion when she hits a puddle hard. I put a new tensioner on her Jeep a few weeks ago but the problem still comes back occasionally. I am putting a new Goodyear Gatorback serpentine belt on the Jeep this weekend because they supposedly cure slippage and squealing.