Mazda 3 (2010) inner door handle malfunction (cable breakage)

The inner door latch on my 2010 Mazda 3 recently stopped functioning. The intact latch pulls out normally, but the door no longer opens from the inside; it continues to open normally from the outside.

I took off the door panel (pic #1) and isolated the inner door latch component (pic #2). On the back side of the door latch component, the metal anchor component that rotates away, pulling the latching wire, is completely severed: the latching wire is a bunch of frayed ends (pic #3).

Any idea of how to fix this? Can it be crimped, soldered, or welded?

If not, is removing the whole component difficult? (And how does one look up/find the part?)

Thanks for your help!

By a replacement part from Mazda.

One goes to the Mazda dealer with your car’s VIN and tell them what broke and ask what part you should order. They will show you drawings, you point to the part. Order it and install it.

Door interior parts can be a fiddly job that scratches up your hands like you had a cat fight. Just take your time.

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did a quick search, “2010 mazda 3 door cable” Autozone came up with one for 21.99. Verify before ordering.

Thanks for this. I had presumed (worried) that I might need to replace the whole locking mechanism (actuator + 2 cables). Can the cable be traded out separately?

Hi there, just wondering how you ended up fixing this since my car seems to have the same exact issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

No Mazda door latch experience, but I’ve had to repair a similar part on my Corolla, twice, both front doors. As I recall a company named Dorman sold a replacement part. In my case it wasn’t a severed cable, the handle’s fulcrum broke. It may be diffiuclt to impossible on your to replace just the cable, the replacement part probably comes with the cable attached.

The cable that’s broken can be pulled out of the bracket that’s holding it and the broken off piece might still be visible in the handle mechanism. The problem often comes when you try to remove and replace the cable at the other end, because it can be in the most awful, hard to reach and impossible to see location. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but before you make yourself crazy see if you can get to that end and work on it. Good luck.

I wish I had better news to report, but I’ve stood pat and made little progress I’m afraid.

It’s ended up seeming impossible to repair the frayed/ruptured metal cable, and I’ve been reticent to pay for the OEM part (some of the big online replacement part manufacturers can be harder or pricier to access here in Canada).

I’ve ended up making recurring trips to import scrap lots, hoping to remove holus bolus the entire mechanism–rather than purchasing a new part. Thus far unsuccessful, I might ultimately need to purchase a new part.

Good luck!
(Let me know if you make any progress)

The MSRP for the door latch with cables is $144 US dollars.

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It might be possible to effect a diy’er repair, but the entire mechanism (including cables) will probably have to be removed from the vehicle and the repair made on the work-bench. May require purchasing a new cable. Bicycles and lawnmower equipment use cables similar to that. $144 and done seems like the best route for all but the most intrepid (or curious) diy’er.

It might be possible to invent a work-a-round solution too. Where you pull on a stick attached to a cable to open the door. Seems undesirable b/c someone who doesn’t know how it works might get confused & not be able to exit the car quickly in an emergency.