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MAZDA 2001 MPV check engine light

My 2001 MAZDA MPV had 98,000 miles when the check engine light came on. The code read ‘cylinder 3 misfired’; the engine sputtered from time to time. The problem worsened when the weather was wet. The MAZDA shop repaired four times so far and the problem persists. $600 dollars has been spent on this problem. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

If you spent that much money on repairs, what was done?


the repair cost for replacing the spsrk plugs and wiring; intake PVC hose assembly.

Did they replace the ignition coil. I have same make and model and after the plug and wire set replacement the light was still on. After replacing the coil it went off. Check to see if that was replaced, it’s an easy fix part runs about 80.00