Check engine light

105,000 mi. Running rough, loss of power, engine light on. “multiple codes”. Fuel injectors cleaned. runs better. Check engine light on again.No codes showing up. New distributor cap w/wires. Light out. No codes. Runs like new. After about 15 mi of combo highway & stop &go, engine light on

And what are the new codes?
And what were the original codes?

Are you sure that is a CEL?

You did not tell us what year MPV you have.

No one can tell you anything without knowing codes.


Vacuum leak

  1. I know that vacuum leak kept showing up

vacuum leak is not a code. Codes are P’s followed by 4 numbers (P1234).

Are you big on texting or something? You need to use more words and help people get your story or people will just give up. Car problems are complicated. 3 word choppy sentences don’t do it.

I don’t have the numbers. First code was about a vacuum leak, 2nd code was about a misfire. Most recent code is about the catalytic converter. There were numerous episodes in between when the light went on and no codes appeared. I took the car in again yesterday (code refered to catalytic converter). After two days of running beautifully it episodically lost power (didn’t buck or make putput noises)I was on the highway and drove directly to the shop. Of course, when the boss took it out for a test drive it drove like a top.I have asked for all of the codes. Where can I get good info on the internet about this. I have concluded that car mechanics are like attorneys and health care providers (I’m one of those --they don’t want to give you too much information.