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Maximizing life of turbo V6 in F-150

What is the best way to get the most life from Ford’s 2.7L twin turbo V-6 engine in their F-150? I have read it is best to idle the vehicle for a few minuets to allow the turbo to slow down and cool down. Any truth to that idea?

No, not really. It is based on the days when turbo sleeve bearings were not cooled with engine coolant. Today they are and the turbos have ball bearings.

The best thing you can do is use full synthetic oil and stick to the manufacturers “sever duty” oil change intervals. Do this religiously and the engine will live a long time.


Yep, what @Mustangman said. Also, make sure you check the oil level periodically, and do it correctly. I have read that the Ford V6 Ecoboost engines drain oil quite slowly after shut down, and overfilling can result if you don’t allow enough time for the oil to drain.

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The only time a turbo cool-down should be done is if the vehicle was driven hard before shut-down.


Edmunds did a long term test on a 2.7 F150, that’s where I read about the slow drain time: