Honda Accord 2018 4cyl Turbo

I heard that with “Turbo” cars you need to let it Warm up before driving & Keep it running for a while before you turn off ignition. Is this true? Any good Web sites i can Learn more about Honda Accord 4cyl. TIA

Go to the Honda web site, click on the owner’s tab at the top, and download the owner’s manual. If you actually need to do either, they will tell you.

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That is advice for turbo cars from 30 years ago. Modern oils, water cooled turbo bearings and other changes have made that unnecessary.

And that’s coming from the current owner of a 110,000 mile turbo car and the past owner of an 80,000 mile turbo car from 30 years ago. Babied the first one, but not the second one.


That’s a fact.
However, as with all operating instructions and/or cautions that might exist with your specific car, the thing to do is read your owner’s manual. That should be the first place you go to learn about your car. Someday I’m even thinking of opening mine. :grin:


The Old Wives’ Tale that the OP heard has not been valid for… a few decades.


What they said. And we had a question not too long ago where somebody got the out-of-date turbo use advice from a dealer employee. For more info on the Accord, you can look at the reviews on the various car web sites (Car and Driver, Road and Track, Automobile), along with the Consumer Reports review. They all love it, I think.

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why is the Honda V6 gone? Why is the Infiniti G50 offered with a turbo 4? You can get a camaro and mustang with turbo 4’s. It’s not a premium option in my opinion.

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Just about all except Toyota have replaced their non-turbo 6s with turbo 4s. That includes Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Cadillac. So it’s ‘premium’, now.

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Found it. Thx!

Mostly drive like you always do with one possible exception. If you are on a road trip and cruising along at a pretty good pace, especially in summer and you are coming up on a gas stop, or last stop of the day, slow down to 60-65 for a mile or two before the exit. Oil usually runs a little hotter under these conditions and the slow down will help cool it a bit. You don’t need to go overboard with this

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You have lost your manual or are you just considering a Honda purchase ?

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Keith, slow down for a couple of miles at the end of a Long Drive to Cool Down the Oil- thanks for the Tip. Appreciate it much.

I have the car, i just forgot about the Manual, it’s in my car. Brain fog.

I’ll need 10 words but MPG is the reason the V6 Accord is no more.


I doubt there’s any special driving style needed for a turbo Accord. The upside is more power, faster accelerations. The downsides are you (or your neighbors) might notice the exhaust sound is a little louder; it’s one add’l mechanical thing that can break in the engine; and it takes up space, so it may get in the way of something needing fixing, so your repair bills may be a little higher.

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I didn’t see any special operating instructions in the Honda manual but Lexus recommends a cool down period after highway driving, I doubt anyone follows it;

Lexus NX200t;

Idling time before engine stop
To prevent damage to the turbocharger, immediately after high speed driving or hill climbing, if the engine is to be stopped, stop the engine after allowing it to idle.

Driving condition Idling time;

Normal city driving; Not necessary

High-speed driving (Constant speed of approx. 62 mph [100 km/h])
Approximately 1 minute

Steep hill driving or continuous driving at 62 mph (100 km/h)
or more (race track driving, etc.)
Approximately 2 minutes

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Untrue with regard to the new Accord turbocharged engines. Here is some background if interested: This is an urban myth, which like all good myths had some basis in fact.

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The twin turbo 4-cyl replacement for the V6 in the Accord provides similar power, better gas mileage, and doesn’t have a timing belt. Just the last one is worth $1000 every seven years. I bought my 2017 with the 4-cyl because it has adequate power and no timing belt.

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Twin turbo 4 Cyl? There is a turbo 1.5L and a turbo 2.0L. Both are single turbo designs.

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Truth! Though, to be clear, all vehicles should be allowed to come up to operating temperature before you thrash on them.

Dealer-dudes often have pretty funny car wisdom. I overheard one salesman once saying “and it’s got a turbo so it’s great in the snow.”

Fuel efficiency. If you still want an accord with a V6, you’ll have to upgrade to the Acura TLX.

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