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Max - The Miniature Schnauzer

The story about Max and his misadventures with the Woman and her miniature Schnauzer was The Funniest thing I have ever heard, this is easily a classic. Can’t wait to have it on a Car Talk Classics CD.


Hilarious story. And Max swears it’s true. BUT IS IT REALLY TRUE? Why would the lady carry a dead dog in a brand new car and why would she leave it to go shopping without mentioning it? It’s somewhat similar to the Urban Legend about the dog that shows up with the neighbor’s dead rabbit in its mouth, while the neighbors are away, and the dog’s owner washes and drys the dead rabbitt and leaves it on the neighbor’s porch… The neighbors return to find that their dead and buried rabbit has miraculously reappeard in its cage. See As stated on the Snopes page, celebrities have told the rabbit story on TV claiming it happened to them. IS THIS JUST AN ELABORATE SCAM FOR MAX TO GET HIS DOG ADOPTED?

Well, if it is an elaborate and made up story, then good for Max. He deserves to have the dog adopted by virtue of his hilarious story telling skills. Does anyone know the original air date? I noticed the website says it was an “encore” edition. If the original air date was a while ago, did anyone ever adopt the dog?

You guys have been fooled.

I think that the person who called in was Lance Krall. He is a comedian who does prank calls and voices.

Check this link out, and you will hear that he talks almost exactly the same as “Max”

Sorry Click and Clack, but he got you.

But it was a good story :stuck_out_tongue:

It was fun to listen to but that story has been around for a long long time in various forms. Can’t believe they took it serious if they did.

Are you sure they did take it seriously. They are in the business of ENTERTAINING. What makes you think it wasn’t all part of the show.