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Max AC setting

Wondering why Max AC setting allows outside air to enter. I know it is only a small amount but what is the reason at all?

How do you know this? Not ALL cars operate the same way so which car are you referring to?

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All cars have this setting on max air.

Steve Jobs was a visionary

Steve , your post makes no sense . What is this vehicle and why do you think this is a problem . The air conditioner should use outside air unless you put it on recirculate ( that only uses inside air ).

Law requires that there is constant fresh air venting into a car and stale air exhausting regardless of the HVAC settings.


Thanks Rod, sounds like that might be it.

Incorrect, recirculate uses some outside air as I just learned it is a federal law that fresh air be mixed in.

Max A/C generally actuates the recic mode.

The A/C housings that I work with seal off outside air petty well, where did you learn about A/C systems?

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A fresh air supply keeps you from asphyxiating.

Ray talked about this on the radio program, that even in max mode auto AC systems still allow some fresh air into the mix. But not as much as the non-max modes.

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I agree that Steve Jobs was a very smart guy who was to some degree able to foresee what people wanted and needed before anybody else

That said . . .

what the heck does Steve Jobs have to do with max ac . . . ?!


Steve Jobs accomplished more in his lifetime than I probably will, but he was a flawed human being, just like the rest of us.

I remember that episode. Just wondering why it allows outside air in.

Steve Jobs was a visionary

To make sure that there’s no chance of CO2 excess? Striving for hours with no fresh air added would not be good, I’d think.

The advice on the radio program is based on repair experiences from the 1970’s and 1980’s. The next time you have a blower housing out take a look at the doors and rubber seals.

Modern ATC systems select fresh/recirc based on inputs from temperature and pollution sensors, these systems are much more advanced than the systems of the 1980’s.

As far as asphyxiation it is expected that a door will be opened every couple of hours. If someone were to sleep in a car the doors would be closed for perhaps 8 hours, do people die while sleeping in parked cars?

He was so visionary that he shunned modern medicine and paid the ultimate price for it.


If by “visionary” you mean “take an existing product/someone else’s idea, put’s an aesthetically pleasing case on it, and add a hefty markup.” Then yes, he was a visionary.


Don’t forget “screwed Wozniak out of his rightfully-earned money even though without Woz Jobs would be a used car salesman.”


Pollution sensors? Really? I guess I do learn something new every day. :slight_smile:

Let us not forget that this “visionary” also treated his daughter miserably: