Master Mechanic


What an idiot. The pads are clearly mismatched. He needs to run the inner pad through a thickness planer a couple of times.


Looks like an old BMW setup… not the pads, the rest of it. Laugh all you want, I bet it worked for a stop or two and that hickory smoke smell always makes me hungry…lol

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Well, one hard stop and the charcoal is ready. Just have to have the ribeye ready. :grinning:

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That’s right indeed

Gives a new meaning to the term “Woody”.

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The vehicle’s owner was apparently inspired by San Francisco’s cable cars, which utilize wooden blocks to provide braking. 19th Century technology at its best!

Resting the rotor on carpet cushion is indication of a true professional.

A long-known solution:


There was a car with a transmission that used paper as the friction medium:

And as we all know, wood is made out of paper… :wink:

The car owner was frustrated. He was never able to start a fire rubbing sticks together, so he came up w/this idea.

I dunno, worked ok on our racers that we’d run down the hill, when we thought to put brakes on it anyway-usually not, just steering and a spotter at the bottom of the hill looking for cars and trains…

Golfer says that his cart doesn’t stop very well. His partner says just toss your wallet in front of it. That thing could stop a train. Rich people jokes.

Fascinating article, even for me who knows nothing about transmissions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t get it. What’s wrong?

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The wheel is missing. Duh.

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You have that backward’s paper is made from wood.

Not if you’re in the modern furniture business…

1970 Solid oak
1980 Solid pine
1990 Solid wood
2000 Wood chips and glue
2010 paperboard and plastic



lol Yeah, my GF bought a “solid wood” piece… was veneer over chipboard.

Mother died last year, salvation army would not take particle board furniture, perfectly good book case. Her old van had a check engine light, church would not accept it, an 03 silouette I think, donated to npr and sold at auction for $4500, so got the tax write off. Kids are hungry enough to eat tree bark in some places, but now the ability to help the needy is like sorry your stuff is not good enough to help the poor.