Master Mechanic

Unfortunately there is a good reason for that practice . Some of particle board furniture is easy to damage just by moving and if was the you assemble type some people just don’t do it right . Also the charity has no way to know if the particle board has some chemicals that children should not chew on.

The local Salvation Army is getting very particular about donations. It appears that the cost for shipping to the local dump plus the even greater costs of dealing with refrigerants, various batteries, various plastics and electrical devices like capacitors leaves them as a dump site with expenses they can’t absorb if they accept troublesome items. When in doubt the man at the back turns things down.

Yeah I had the same experience. They took about four trailer loads of stuff but ended up hauling perfectly good furniture to the dump. One thing though, when I went into the warehouse it was jam packed with stuff. Also noted at St. Vincent de Paul. Seems to be a lot higher supply than demand.

Buy gere, pay here, warranty repair.