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How fast was the little bastard going?

Older mechanics know what this represents.




Need a complete sentence , still grinning

The first photo reminds me of a guy I knew in college. He’d polished his Camaro until you could see primer in places.

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The last picture is some engineer that disassembled the car to make it easier for the mechanic to find the problem!



I can relate. Busier than a one armed paper hanger. Isn’t that Corvette though fiberglass? Good luck getting to bare metal if so.

I think I’ve done more ordering on line in the last 6 weeks than the last 6 years. Order and wait a week instead of just taking a drive to pick the stuff up. Gotta admit though the FedEx guy was here before breakfast today anyway.

Saw this in central Delaware. I assume they do not have any problems with road rage

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That’s what they need to transport toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bacon home from the supermarket…


Funny. But the pic also looks like a car show held last week… :wink:

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I know someone with an H1. It looks like that, only painted black. Also, the original engine was replaced with a 350.

So explain the flames please, faster in reverse? Maybe a pinto?

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Pinto’s were known to explode/catch fire when hit in the rear.



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For real? someone replaced the original engine with a V8 gasoline?

Did he install a Suburban drive train also?

Huh? Guess ya gotta be a computer person. But yeah note the flammable placard on the trunk. All my dad did was put a trailer hitch on his for extra reinforcement.

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That should stop a 3500 lb Impala from crushing a the gas tank of a Pinto at 35 MPH.

And why the hell would you have a hitch on a Pinto?


For the boat. Pinto wagon, handled the aluminum boat just fine. I thing the thing is the Ford $5 reinforcement to protect the tank was about as useful. If you’ve got the boat in tow though that Impala would have to cruise through the boat first though, no?

Ford and gas tanks, never liked the idea of the gas tank behind my seat in my f100 1972 pickup, it worked out fine, rust killed the truck. The gas tank was fine.

He didn’t do it, he bought it that way.

I’m reasonably computer literate and that reply was directed at me. I’m glad you don’t get it either.

The trailer hitch solution is exactly what Chrysler Corp. came up with for the same problem on our '03 Jeep Liberty.

Was metamorphisis responsible for the change?