Mass airflow sensor for sentra

Hi everybody, I have a question concerning the mass airflow sensor. This is more of a curiosity thing for me at this point. So the original MAF for my car (2002 sentra gxe 1.8l) malfunctioned and from what I can tell, the J shaped silver wire in the middle of the inner component is gone (see the sample picture below-it is the thing that looks kinda like a paper clip)

I guess that is the hotwire of the MAF? I am wondering if I can get a hold of one of these things and solder it on,will the MAF work again (assuming that is the only thing that is wrong with it). I mean I already got a replacement MAF so this is more like a “what if” for me. Many thanks!



I think soldering the wire on will probably change the resistance. And I think that’ll screw with the data the computer gets from the MAF, if you can even get it to function at all. That’s my theory, anyway.

The hot wire is made of platinum.

In order to solder platinum requires a jewelers torch.

A soldering gun/iron doesn’t get hot enough.

If you can solder that wire without melting the plastic of the sensor, you’re a better metal joiner than me!

And it also changes the resistance of the wire.


Wasn’t aware it was made of platinum. No wonder those sensors are generally a little pricey.

ok. Many thanks for your reply!