MAF Sensor cleaning

Was pondering buying the CRC cleaner to clean the “hot wire” sensor. Anybody have any words of caution or advice on such an endeavor?

Some could do damage the hot-wire, some do not. Let us know whether the CRC is okay. Also, DO NOT spray the stuff while the wire is hot. (make sure disconnect the coupler and leave it for a while before do that)

P.S The above is not applied to, if your car have a karman vortex air flow sensor.

Unless your air filter has a hole in it or you don’t have one installed, the hot wire sensor should be good for the life of the vehicle. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it fails, replace it. The wire is so thin that dry dust that may bypass the filter would not cover the wire to the extent that it changes the electrical properties within the wire itself. The rate of airflow across the wire is sufficient to overcome any insulating properties of a thin layer of dust. Normal vibration while driving will not allow accumulation of sufficient dust to alter the operation of the MAF sensor.

[b]There are products that are specially formulated for cleaning MAF sensors. Most auto stores sell this.