'Marketplace''s Scott Tong reviews self-driving car services in Chandler & Scottsdale Arizona

http://download.stream.publicradio.org/podcast/marketplace/segments/2019/02/07/mp_20190207_seg_22_64.mp3 Waymo & Neurocar

link won’t open for me.

Yup, they’re coming.

Hmmm… I just tried it successfully. It’s not a big deal.

Worked for me too. @oldtimer_11, it’s an audio file; the screen is blank if that makes a difference.

I’m using a Mac desktop and itunes is not opening it. I have never used a PC

Despite understanding the very real positive potential of self-driving cars and realizing that in future years increasing numbers of people will rely on ride sharing for transportation, I hope I am able to safely and reliably drive on my own for many years more. I like that I can go somewhere when I want, be able to take whatever route I choose, have the flexibility to change my itinerary, and even make changes in chosen route as I please.

I use an iPad 4 with Safari. I don’t think it opens iTunes to load the file, just another tab. What browser are you using?

Firefox, I could try Safari or Chrome I suppose.

Tried Firefox and Safari. When I click on that link it goes into my downloads but I can’t open it from there either. I can see that it is an mp3 but I have never opened one. My Mac is trying to open it with itunes, anyone know what it should be using?