Just when you thought things were getting safer

Driver and passenger were fully reclined in seats and sleeping doing 93 on Canadian highway while their Model-S drove.

I put a lot of this blame on Tesla for allowing this to happen. They should have some sensors to detect when the drivers seat is reclined and/or when no one has their hands on the steering wheel. And in full autonomous mode the vehicle should NOT be allowed to break any laws (like speeding).


All I have to say is…


It is stories like this that keep me from riding a Motorcycle . I really would like to have another one but it just not worth it anymore.


I put ALL the blame on the driver and passenger, who are complete idiots and massively selfish as well. In addition to having their driving licenses revoked (the passenger is also an idiot) they should have the phrase “Never allow me to drive” tattooed on their foreheads.

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For the life of me I do not understand how someone could do something like this even at 30-40 MPH much less 90.

Total unadulterated morons.


“Twitter users responded with shock”. I just had this vision of Twitter users texting while driving and in shock. I just wonder how the mounted police manage to pull over a car on auto pilot. They must have to wake up the driver first. Can’t believe the software would pick up flashing blue and red lights and pull over. Luckily there aren’t that many Teslas around here.


If you’re going to be a Darwin Award class moron, you might as well go all the way.

Maybe. In addition to the bubble gum machine, the RCMP might have some really loud sirens that might have awakened Snow White from his deep sleep.

Maybe not. Tesla might have a way for the police to hack into the Tesla and take over. If that is true, then the police wouldn’t want that to get around. I have no idea about that. Just spit ballin’.

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I blame them too. Complete idiots who are endangering themselves and everyone else on the road.

But I still think that an autonomous vehicle should NOT have allowed the vehicle to go over the speed limit…and should have not allowed to have been put in autonomous mode when driver seat is reclined and/or no hands on steering wheel.


[quote="jtsanders, post:7
Maybe not. Tesla might have a way for the police to hack into the Tesla

About 8 or maybe 10 year’s I was setting in a truck stop in Atlanta and I saw on the TV new’s that the Georgia highway patrol had some kind of device that they could aim at a car to disable it and put it into limp mode to prevent problem’s from high speed chase’s. Maybe the RCMP’s have the same thing.

I’d be extremely surprised if there’s a way in by design. That would be extremely dangerous. Yea there are ways to hack into some cars…but that’s because the designers didn’t take good security precautions.

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Like I said I saw it on TV I am not like some people I don’t believe every thing I see on TV or online is true.

I can be done on cars who’s manufacturer didn’t add security protection. Unfortunately that’s a higher number then I’d like. Tesla seems to be ahead of the curve on this type of engineering though.

Agree it possibly can be done but I can see many problem’s both from the tech side and human error;s and like you much higher number’s than I want to see.

Well, the Tesla did not hit anything at 93 mph, who knows if the human driver could have done as well. this technology sees to be only a little short of full self driving. Let’s face it, if we get full self driving vehicles, people will be deliberately sleeping while the car is driveing, or reading , watching movies or any other recreation you can do in a car. Not much point to the technology if you have to monitor it. What would be the point of paying for that. You don’t thimk trucking companies are going to pay for self driving trucks and a driver too do you?

Hopefully they will have up to date maps so that the car won’t drive through a lake just because that’s what the map says. It would be fun to watch from afar two computers arguing with each other on the route to take. 21st century back seat driver. “My human says that is a lake and not a road. Your human is mistaken, that is a short cut to Detroit. The ferry runs every . . .glug glug”


There could be some sort of emp device that would shut down any electronics. The harpoin used in the 2nd fast& furious was made up for the movie.

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When I first got my Smartphone 5 years ago, I decided to use its Google Maps function to guide me to a town about 50 miles away. As I neared my destination, it directed me to cross railroad tracks at a point where there was no road crossing, so I had to figure-out my routing on my own. After I reached my destination, I asked someone how long ago that RR grade crossing had been closed, and he said that, to the best of his recollection, it had been more than 10 years.

Later, I attempted to use Google Maps on my Smartphone to find a municipal park in a nearby town.
It directed me into a cemetery in a different town.

So much for “up to date maps”…

About 3 years ago there was an item on the news. The vehicle involved was a new Jeep Cherokee (which was the same year as mine). There was a security hole in the UConnect computer system that allowed hackers to access all the computers in the car, lock out the driver and take complete (braking, steering, acceleration, radio, HVAC, etc.) control of the car. There was a recall for my car and a security patch was installed.

The thing is, hackers tend to be really, really smart people. As I understand it there is no such thing as an unhackable computer (unless it’s air-gapped - not connected to the internet in any way). I know my Jeep and my neighbor’s F150 (and probably every other new car now) receive over-the-air computer updates, even when the vehicle is not running. So it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to take over someone’s Tesla and do something really bad. Computers do a lot of good things in modern cars (maximizing fuel economy, for example) but self driving cars strike me as a bad idea, not only from the standpoint of idiots that think any kind of driving is set and forget, but also from the standpoint of people with bad intentions accessing the car (think rush hour on a major freeway and a hacker taking control of an 18-wheeler loaded with gasoline or propane, or…?).

The thing is, hackeers tend to be really smart people.

I have always heard that crook’s are some of the smartest people and now we can now include hackers. I wonder how much more they could make by being honest and not have to worry about doing time. There must be something wrong with their mind’s.

We found the park we were looking for near Raymond wash but as it turns out I only birders called the park by the name we were looking for. Turned put we had pulled over at the right spot. Google maps was otherwise helpful navigating with my smartphone that day.

Better then the shortcut between Ranier. Oregon and Portland, the paper map was almost 20yrs old so only had the main route. Still got there fine.