Mapping Websites

I have a turn-of-the-century Gateway computer and I’m one of the few p[eople who still use old-fashioned dial up service (because it’s cheap!). Are there any mapping websites that are plain, simple and friendly for slow connections? Mapquest and Google Maps are very elaborate and hog up a lot of memory and really require a high-speed connection. I know this question is not about maintenance or repairs, but it is automobile-related.

Dial up cheap? Maybe not. If you live in an area that has high speed available, other than satellite, it could be cheaper to use that along with an internet phone system like Ooma or Basic Talk than to pay your current phone bill plus dial up internet.

I would buy a Garmin. I love mine. They are better than my son’s smartphone that looses GPS in downtown around large buildings. It also, does not cost me $30 for the data plan to have a smart phone.

Here are some you can try.
Maybe ebay has a discounted map program for your computer. I had Delorme with gps for a tablet before I moved up to a garmin,

Join your local library, they have high speed internet and fairly new computers to use free.

Yea, save your frustration and get a GPS. I also strongly recommend Garmin. You can get entry level ones on-sale for under $100 and top of the line for $350. Granted, with dial-up don’t bother with any add on map updates (and figure you’ll need a new one to get new maps as the updates are ~ 4GB to download, or you’ll need a friend with High Speed who will let you install the update software … though the maps are usually good enough for the life of the unit anyway).

I doubt that any online maps would work well over dial-up. There’s just too much data to transfer. If I’m reading the specifications correctly, maybe a program like DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2013 Plus would be better for your situation.

You must have a lot of patience. I’d imagine most web sites are painfully slow over dial-up these days!