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I have a 2004 Towncar. What is the best GPS system to get?

Look In The Most Current Consumer Reports That Evaluated Them.

Garmin and Tom Tom are rated highest, followed by Magellan. I like my Magellan (price was right) and would recommend “spoken street names” not just “turn by turn directions”. I don’t even have to look at it while driving. Some expensive units go online for live traffic updates, somehow. Consumer Reports explains key features.

If you’re talking about in-dash systems, try Kenwood. Stay away from Pioneer.

Besides those two options, consider getting a GPS-enabled phone. Our son has one, it gives turn-by-turn instructions, eliminates an extra gizmo to keep track of, and it’s always with him. His is Verizon, but I’m sure most networks have them. If you use it rarely, you can save money by just using it on an as-needed basis.

Thanks, my husband rented a car on his latest trip. It was a Lexus, he has never shown any interest. I’m usually in the car giving directions. Therefore, I believe he’s looking to assist me. I checked the Tom Tom’s and the one that interests me is the application of Tom Tom for my iPhone. Thanks again for your input.

I’m not to sure about “in-dash”. Do you mean to have it permanently installed?

Your right on track with what I found out from the first reply. I’m with AT&T, which _ucks, sorry but it does. Real bad for use in California, lots of dead zones. However, I heard that their working on getting up to Verizons level. Thanks for your input, I please excuse the bad language. But it does apply.

The most up to date systems are portable ones designed for automobiles. I wouldn’t fool with in-dash or GPS phones. The in dash units must be installed at extra expense, too. The phone systems are not the primary use for the phone. I doubt that they compare favorably to the best portable GPS-only units. How much do you want to spend? You can spend upwards of $1000 if you want all the do-dads available.

Makes sense about using the phones for their primary purpose. Games etc. are for other media, therefore, gps should be it’s own system. I didn’t want to spend more than $500.

Phone works fine for GPS, and it’s always with you. Saved my bacon on a business trip. Of course, if it’s going to be used every day, then a full size dedicated GPS is worth it. Just depends on how often you use it. I’ve got both, both work fine.

Thanks for the input.

Yes. In-dash means they tear out your dashboard and put in a factory looking navigation system. Since your vehicle is an 04, navigation should have been an option. Depending on the trim of your Town Car, it may also have wiring for it tucked inside the dash.

Consider a Garmin Nuvi 265 or 265W. They have free traffic for life. It’s paid for by advertising, but you don’t have to listen to it. Make sure they have traffic for your area before you buy it, though. Garmin has the best navigation algorithms, followed by Magellan, then TomTom.

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since your vehicle is an 04, navigation should have been an option. Depending on the trim of your Town Car, it may also have wiring for it tucked inside the dash.

Funnily enough, the Town Car never had a factory GPS system available at any price. You have to remember the Panther cars saw their last major update in 1998, and carried on mostly unchanged until they they stopped making them in around 2011. IIRC the last real change was that an updated dashboard showed up in the mid 2000’s. But that was it.

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How about free? Waze is a free app for your smart phone. I think it is much better than all the other consumer navigation stuff out there. It is a power hog so take your car charger along. It has gps, directions, maps and drivers can input road hazards, police etc real time. If a car hits a deer a mile or two up the road, someone will usually have it posted before you get there. The posts are better on major highways as more people are there to post.