Map lights & time delay?

Family members have recently used the overhead map lights (not the dome lights) to gather up items while getting out of '09 Hyundai Sonata & '04 Toyota Camry. I discover the lights still on hours and one case the next morning in very cold Western New York. Is there a valid reason for these lights not to have a delay turn off, every other system on the car seems to do so?

Consult The Cars’ Owner’s Manuals. Often Times These Lights Can Be Controlled At Two Locations, One Being Right At The Light Itself.

Family members may have turned the lights on at the lamp and it is now overriding the automatic feature. You will possibly have to check that.


Rather than the OP being annoyed at the car manufacturer for not making their map lights idiot-proof, perhaps he/she should be annoyed at his/her careless/inconsiderate family members for not turning the lights off. Anyone can make this mistake once, but after it has been called to their attention, there is little excuse for this type of carelessness.

Until he/she can depend upon these relatives to be responsible people, the OP should probably do a nightly check of the car to be sure that no lights have been left on.

Map lights must be turned on, and off, manually. Whoever turned them on should have turned them off.

It’s easy to make this mistake because the dome light automatically turns off when you close the door, but the map lights do not.

Yes, I agree with both of the previous postings, and I do try to check the cars. It just seems to me a delay sequence, possibly 1 hour in length, would be a feature which would prove realistic and preventative.

If a door is left ajar, my 2000 Ford will turn off the courtesy lights after 30 min. But, if a map light was turned on, they stay on. My young son was mostly at fault for this, and he is now tasked with checking every map light to be off when we park.

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People coming home from working outside or outside volunteer activities trying to gather belongings and extra gear in the dark are not necessary lazy. Turn on the map light to find things then open the door dome light is now on, as usual, close the door and hurry in due to very cold temperature etc. I am sure others never leave the seat up in the bathroom, light on, door of refrigerator ajar, etc. My question remains, why is this system different. The dome light is automatic, the headlights on the Hyundai have an automatic on/off based on light and they remain on until the door is opened after the key is removed.

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I’ve done the same thing with my car. After dark while walking away from the car, I usually watch and make sure the interior turns dark before I get too far away, however it helps if the car is in a really dark area (my driveway).

My cars (American cars) will turn off all lights automatically after a time. It could just be an Asian car (Hyundai or Toyota) thing.


Have we (people in general) really gotten that so lazy that we think everything should be automatic? My nieces have actually asked me if it was true that people really had to adjust the TV at the TV. And didn’t believe me that you had to actually get up and go to the TV to change the channel/volume and to turn it on and off.