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do I need to replace the manuful

(don;t know the right spelling)

i have a 1995 caddie deville

and was told that it has a crack.

i dont know much about that.

Probably manifold? Exhaust? I do not know the correct answer, but my wild guess is the exhaust manifold gets very hot, so you only have two choices, weld or replace.

Is there some problem with how the car is running? Is it running poorly? Or is it really loud? Or is it just not passing an inspection. If you tell people why you ended up in a spot where someone told you needed to replace something it would help.

An Exhaust Manifold With A Crack Could Possibly Allow You To Breathe Some Poisonous Carbon Monoxide
Was this brought up as the problem? This manifold funnels the exhaust from the engine into the exhaust pipe so that it goes out the back-end of the car so you don’t breathe it.
Find out for sure that we are talking about the exhaust manifold.
There should be a good used manifold available keeping parts prices low. How much would the labor cost to replace it? That could be the expensive part of the repair. You will need to find out, locally.

On the other hand, a cracked intake manifold could cause the car to run poorly or possibly overheat and cause engine damage.

Find out more about which part is cracked and get back with us. We’ll try to be helpful.

You car’s engine has an intake manifold, which brings air and fuel into the engine, and an exhaust manifold, which carries exhaust gasses away from the engine.

If either manifold is cracked it needs to be replaced.

What are the symptoms? Is the car running poorly? Is it making unusual noises?

From your description, it must be an exhaust manifold. That is a casting that attaches to the side of your engine to collect the hot exhaust gas from the ports in the side of the engine and direct the gas into the exhaust pipe.

Exhaust manifolds are routinely repaired by welding, depending on where the crack is. Without seeing it, my choices would be: Junk yard manifold, welding, new manifold. If you are paying a lot for labor, then the new manifold might be a better choice because it takes the least time.

A cracked manifold can make an annoying noise, can cause the car to run poorly because it can suck in air which confuses the oxygen sensor, and it can leak poisonous carbon monoxide gas that can find its way into the passenger compartment.

I’m guessing it’s a Intake Manifold. This falls right in the 10+ years span GM has had problems with leaking and cracked intake manifolds.

If it is the intake manifold you need to get this fixed ASAP. If not it can destroy your engine. If it’s the exhaust manifold…depending on how bad it is you might be able to just leave it alone.