Cracked manifold

I have a Jeep Laredo 98. Nice rig. It has a cracked manifold. I have been told to get it fixed as in Alaska after a long drive the cold air rushing in when the engine stops could possibly crack the block or do other serious harm. Cost of a new one is about $800 with labor. What do the clacket brothers say?? tx.

Tom and Ray don’t usually respond to these questions. Their knowledgeable fans come here to help.

I would get a cracked exhaust manifold fixed simply because it isn’t helthy to have an exhaust leak under the hood. It it also isn’t healthy for the engine for leaked exhaust to get sucked back into the engine.

I suppose you mean exhaust manifold and not intake manifold. Another problem with a leaking exhaust manifold is carbon monoxide gas entering the car and doing serious harm to you.

A cracked exhaust manifold can cause burned exhaust valves from the incoming cool air contacting the hot valves, in Alaska or anywhere else. It can also vent deadly exhaust gases into the passenger compartment.

The Tappet Brothers, Click and Clack, would tell you to get it fixed regardless of cost, if they were here.

Whitey is correct. Very well spoken.