Manual transmission whining noise

I checked the clutch and pressing in the clutch had very little affect on the noise. If I pull it out of gear then the noise stops instantly.

Take it in for warranty. Document everything! Sometimes they try to drag out the fix unil the warranty expires.

Yes, take it in, and ride (or drive) with the service guy to point out the noise. Otherwise you’ll almost certainly get a “could not duplicate.”

Good advice above, especially doing everything consistent with the warranty and asking the shop to check the manual transmission fluid level.

I’ll add one other idea. Sometimes a noise of this type can sound like it is coming from the transmission but actually be something underneath the car vibrating in response to a particular frequency. And that frequency only happens in a particular gear. The cat heat shield is a frequent offender in this category. So ask the shop to double check all the stuff like that remains firmly bolted in place and not wobbling around.

Have your engine oil and filter changes been done as required? A normal check during these on a manual transmission vehicle would be transmission/transaxle fluid level and condition. If you have documentation your problem should be a warranty issue. I see the overall, everything warranty is 36 month 36,000 miles. Powertrain warranty is much longer (60,000 miles). You are pretty much at their mercy as to what they consider “powertrain”. Take your warranty claim to a dealer. If they say no bump it up to corporate. The 800 number is in your owners manual.

I took my Cruze to the dealer this morning. They advised that something is slipping in the transmission. They are replacing it for free under warranty. Thank you for your help.

Glad to hear that you have figured it out and that the warranty will cover the cost.

Happy motoring


Happy they are fixing it for you. Maybe they have changed since all the recalls.

Excellant. Please post the name of that dealership.

Outstanding! Kudos to the dealer.

Glad you got the problem licked. This is one of the few instances I recall of a manual transmission having a serious problem develop, among items posted here.

Is this a 6 speed manual transmission? If so, maybe that partly explains it. According to one report I read, Porsche’s 6 speed manual transmission on the Boxster seemed to be more problematic than their 5 speed. Maybe stuffing 6 speeds in the same size case requires some compromises.

Yes this is a 6 speed manual transmission. The name of the dealership is Langs in Beavercreek Ohio.

When this car is handed back you might consider posting the diagnosis and what was done to fix it.
For the life of me I can’t think of anything in a manual transmission that can “slip” other than the clutch and the clutch is technically not part of the transmission.

Perhaps in the differential portion?
Being old, I tend to think of the transmission and the differential as being separate items, but in FWD cars they’re in the same casing. Perhaps young folks have a more liberal definition.

I’m just happy the dealer is taking care of it under warranty without dispute.

The dealer said that the 2nd gear bearing was making the noise. They said it is not serviceable so it was replaced yesterday under warranty. My Cruze is now running perfect again.

Great outcome. Kudos to Langs. I always liked them as a dealer. Better than the average Chevy dealer in a GM town (Dayton,Ohio area).

They’ve definitely earned my respect. It warms my heart to hear of a dealer doing it all the way it should be done.

Happy motoring.

Yes, that dealership is to be commended for doing the right thing, especially in light of the OP’s description of the problem: “It defiantly seems like transmission.”

I never knew that warranties covered defiant behavior.