Manual transmission: reverse gear synchro?

I recently realized that my 07 Ford Focus is synchronized into reverse gear. Never owned a car that had a reverse synchro, and only heard of a few that were. How common is this, actually? Just curious.

This is news to me. I’ve never heard of a synchronized reverse before. How did you “realize” this?

Not sure of all Focus models but I know the ST170 has synchro on reverse, some new funky dual output shaft transmission they have.

Not sure how well the tranny would stand up to shifting to reverse while going forward at 80mph though, I suspect it would probably malfunction…

It was news to me but a quick look around shows that several makes are using a synchronized reverse; Saturn is one.

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind it unless the car makers are figuring the reverse drive gear is spinning to some extent due to oil/friction, and since all reverse gears are straight cut, they’re trying to kill the reverse gear crunch and offset many car owners driving habits of yanking the gearshift into reverse instead of gently placing it there.

Just theory of course.

Usually, as in quick parking lot maneuvers, depressing the clutch and grabbing reverse without a short pause for gears to come to rest causes a small grinding to occur. Never had any reverse gear grind on this car, so I tried (gently) putting it in reverse while still some forward motion. It slides in smooth as butter. Of course I would not do this at any real forward speed.

I was more curious because the owners manual does not refer to a synchro, it even warns of transaxle damage if not completely stopped when shifting reverse.

It sure does eliminate the reverse crunch and makes quick parking maneuvers much easier (on the ears, too). FWIW, I read elsewhere that this is a “MX-75” transaxle, made in Germany, and is also used in the small Jag.