Ferarri Reverse

In today’s show, a caller with a Ferarri noted that sometimes the transmission would crunch when engaging reverse.

I’ve never had the pleasure of driving a Ferarri, but two Porsches I owned (in my single days) had similar issues. There is no synchro for reverse gear.(Ferarri may be the same) So if I idled in neutral to get the gears moving and then shifted to reverse quickly, the gears would crunch as they meshed. A little drag from the clutch not disengaging completely or the pilot bearing dragging would make it worse. Two solutions are 1)let the transmission coast down by holding the clutch in for a few seconds before engaging reverse, or 2) shift to second, then straight to reverse.

Right on. I learned how to drive in 1946 Willys Jeep that NO synchro! 2nd was the snychro gear, sobefore going into first or reverse you had to initially shift into 2nd gear to slow down the tranny.