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Ferrari grinding in reverse

No doubt it is the synchromesh!

The solution: simply ease it into second gear, then slide it into reverse! This will keep you going for many more miles, until the transmission actually goes kaput!

While, this car does have a sync for reverse, it is more likely to be in the clutch adjustment, as it has a zero clearance throw out bearing (no free play), and no hydraulics (yes it’s a cable clutch). You should try easing off the pedal just a bit, if reverse engages easily, the adjustment is is off. The release mechanism for this clutch is an Italian geometric masterpiece, that can give the best mechanic you can find a permanent headache. The adjustment values, and a nice diagram of the mechanism, are in the owners manual. Good luck, these cars are usually quite reliable, for what they are.

I have a 67 Alfa Duetto. I helped a good friend of mine rebuild my transmission. He told me only forward gears had syncro’s. Reverse does not have a syncro. What gives or when did Ferrari and the reset of the world change to ALL syncro.


Hondas periodically grind into reverse because they never have syncros on the reverse gear. One thing that has always worked for me- if it doesn’t want to go into reverse, put it back in neutral, cycle the clutch pedal once (release it then depress), then try reverse again. By releasing the clutch in neutral, you move the input shaft and everything around and then statistically have another chance of everything being lined up going to reverse

I also think that putting it into another gear and then into reverse can work. Additionally, I have had this problem on other vehicles and what I did to help it last longer was turn off the vehicle and put it in reverse, then turn start it back up.

Sychro on reverse is very rare in any manual transmission. I doubt that reverse has synchro. When going into reverse depress the clutch all the way to the floor and wait as you count to 1, 2, up to 5, then move the shifter from neutral to reverse. If these is a grind after the pause with clutch petal down then the clutch needs attention. It is not disengaging completely so the trans gears are spinning causing the grind.

IF there is no grind after the pause then the clutch is OK and you either wait a bit or go to a forward gear before moving the shifter to reverse. The grinding could be telling you the clutch isn’t properly adjusted or needs some work.