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Manual transmission -no 1st or 2nd until warmed up

my 2005 elantra 5-speed had typical clutch issues. Had a new one put in where i worked which repaired dump trucks and dumpster roll-off trucks. Got in the car and still had similar issues. I say similar because now when i start it cold, i have no 1st or 2nd…start moving in 3rd and drop into 2nd. After about 10 minutes of driving, you can chirp the tires in 1st. Could they have put gear oil that was too heavy and it needs to get warmed up? Does this sound possible? Should I change the gear oil?

What are “typical clutch issues?” How many miles on the Elantra?

The transmission lubricant does not necessarily have to be drained to replace the clutch. You could ask them if they changed the transmission oil, but they may not have.

Perhaps the problem is in the clutch hydraulic system. If the clutch is not disengaging all the way when you step on the pedal you won’t be able to shift easily into gear. A leaking clutch master or slave cylinder would do this.

Can you select first and second easily with the engine off?

it had 72,000 when it started. would grind when shifting if clutch wasn’t stomped to the floor. Now it acts like a normal clutch feel. and i will have to check about shifting with the engine off

Yes, too thick a gear lube will cause this problem.