Man has two Kias stolen in one month

I’ll make the same comments as I did, in regards to catalytic converter theft . . .

These thieves should get the death penalty

And the sentence should be carried out that same day

With no provisions for hiring a lawyer, filing an appeal, etc.

These scumbag thieves have no redeeming qualities whatsoever

They’re wasting air and other resources which would be better used by more deserving people

And nobody actually believes they’re committing these crimes to put food on the table . . .

And if you do believe that, I’ve got a bridge or swampland to sell you :smiley:

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I have more sympathy for non violent crimes regarding the death penalty/

News story said person had car stolen from street parking spot. Then 2 weeks later she dropped off kid at daycare and left keys in car and it was stolen in 30 sec. seems crook was waiting for uh, inattentive drop offs. Had 2 dogs in car. 1 was dropped off 5 miles away and found. 2nd pooch is still missing. So, another person has 2 cars stolen.

Stupid woman too lazy to remove the key from her ignition?
Likely both dogs were abandoned by the criminal. Other hit by car andead.

Just because you’re not smart enough to remove the keys from the ignition does NOT mean it’s okay for somebody to steal the car

“If it’s not yours, don’t take it” . . .