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Man finds his stolen car 42 years later

Found it on ebay and was able to get it back. Man should probably buy a couple loto tickets too.


Hey, that’s a heck of a story! I’m glad it had a happy ending (finally). It’s so uncanny for a thing like that to happen, a man being able to recover a car, intact, after 42 years missing.

Some years ago I had heard a story of a man who owned a purple 1953 Studebaker, and had it stolen. I think it was some 30 or so years after the theft that the thief got tired of the car and tried to return it to the owner, at which time the owner told the thief to keep the car, and said he couldn’t believe he bought such an ugly car in the first place! Funny how people’s tastes in automobiles can change over time.

It’s sad that stolen cars are so common. We had a car dealer in Merrimack NH a few years back that had a complete showroom, a lot, a whole bunch of cars, all restored classics. Turns out, they were all stolen.

If he’d had OnStar, the car would have been recovered in an hour or two (I know it wasn’t available). My daughter’s car was stolen to haul the loot the thieves took from her house at school. In about an hour, the police impounded the car with the help of the OnStar GPS locator. While it was only a mile away, I doubt that we would have it today without the OnStar system.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must add that I own stock in GM. But only the stock that Uncle Sam owns; none on my own.