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Broken-hearted in Brooklyn

Until it was stolen last month,I’d had my '95 honda civic hatchback VX (std trans)for 15 years. It had 110k on it, and was very well-maintained. Perfect in every way for me, my dog, and my art. It’s been stolen (and recovered)before, vandalized, hit-and-run, all which it survived,all which was fixed. But my luck ran out in September when it disappeared, this time for good I believe (despite alarm.) NYC is fine for carless folks, but I can’t go anywhere else (rentals are too expensive) and am considering getting another vehicle. I don’t want to spend more than $5k.

What would you do?

If I lived in Brooklyn I’d take the subway or taxis. I’m a die-hard car guy and have owned more than 40 cars so far. Could not see driving (or parking) in NYC. If you really need to drive every day, than a used Hyundai Sonata is a good option. If you only drive on weekend, I’d go with rental cars.

Or better yet, get a old beat up van and paint a sign on the side that reads:


No one will touch it.

Have you explored the possibilities of Zipcar?
I frequently see their cars in NJ when New Yorkers need transportation for the day.

Sorry to hear your baby is gone. I know the feeling after having my favorite buick stolen and returned at least 4 times the same day. Last time, it broke down on the parkway because a tire was repaired and not put back on properly. Flew off in the air as I was driving. I could of been killed. Called a tow company and left with my husband after securing it and believe it or not, the tow company called saying the car was not there. My husband searched every yard around there that towed because only authorized tow trucks can take a car off the parkway and there was no way it was driven off sitting on the axle’s. I was so hurt, lost my favorite Sam Cooke tape in there too (smile). Know what I did? Brought a BMW with a low jack tracking system. Haven’t had a problem in 10 years now. Although your not in a predicament to do that, I’d check has car auctions too where my friend got a great deal on a rainy day. You can also check craigslist but proceed with caution. It’s not like ebay where your purchase is protected. Good luck!

Just out of curiosity, do you know how it got stolen? Was it towed away?

I am sorry for the loss of your Honda.

I grew up in Queens, so have seen my fair share of that had been stolen, and dumped near the house where I grew up.

You can try zip car.
My sister and her husband had used their service for the past 4 years or so, and loved it.
Earlier this year they bought a Honda CR-V, so no longer need the service.

It might be the right thing to get you through, otherwise, you’re just going to have to search for something that fits your needs, and that of your dog. Lots of cars for sale in NYC.


“It’s not like ebay where your purchase is protected”

Because nobody has ever been swindled on a car purchased through e-bay?
Yup–and Sears has everything.


If you go onto and name your own price for a rental car, someone will always take $10 a day. It is a binding contract so make sure if there are any doubts of when you will return to factor that in or you will be hit with lots of fees.