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Get your love back, baby?

has anyone ever re-acquired a car that they regretted getting rid of?

The 78 Cordoba got wrecked a year after I sold it ( they ran it up the side of those concrete jersey barriers between lanes )
the 92 Explorer is still going strong with those new owners.

The two I might like to have back again. Both black outside , red interior.
Of all the vehicles I’ve had…if I had to pick just two for the family fleet.

No. There have been a few cars that I regretted selling the moment I saw them drive down the road, but never did get any of them back.

I have thought about replacing a car that I missed with the same year/make/model but I’m afraid I’d always be comparing the new to the old.

I kept my cars so long that I never regretted getting rid of them. There were so many improvements that I’ve always been happy with my current ride.

A local guy here had a 1960s “muscle car”, a Pontiac GTO I believe. He sold it and forgot all about it until he visited a farm and saw it in the barn, covered with chicken poop. It was his original car and he took it off the farmer’s hands and restored it for twice what he paid for it.

It’s his hobby car now.

I always tried to keep my dad financially healthy but sometimes he would just drive me nuts. Once he traded his car in and got another. Never consulted me of course, didn’t have to. But then after the dealer got the old car all polished up and looking great, he went and bought it back again. I don’t know how much he lost in the deal and never asked. I coulda polished it for nothing if that’s all he wanted.

No…I’ve regretted selling a few cars but never bought one back. I have bought back the same make and model though. I’ve owned several '57 Chevy Bel Air’s and a few '62 Impalas.

I had a car come back to me but not because I wanted it or bought it back.
A Subaru came in with a loud bearing knock and practically no oil. The customer said they were just going to call the boneyard and sell it so I offered 25 bucks over what the salvage offered.
A week of lunchtimes and staying an hour after work provided enough time to build the engine and it became my daily driver for about 4 years.

One day a couple comes into the shop and wants to know who owns the Subaru and if it’s for sale.
Me and not really.
They asked if I’d be interested in trading it for a '66 Ranchero so my interest went up. It was tagged, running with a 289 and had a set of Keystones on it so it became a done deal.

Six months later the lady came back with oil all over the engine compartment and a bearing knock.
Apparently she let a fast lube adjacent to where she worked change the oil and they forgot the oil filler cap.
Given the news and the fact that the couple was about to move to southern TX she told me that I could have the car back free of charge. So, back into the engine again and a couple of years later someone else asked about buying it so adios and gone for good that time.

I’d certainly like to have a few of the older ones I’ve owned back though.

I wish I still had my '64 Fairlane.
And my '76 Corolla.
But I never got a car back once I let it go. Darn.

I have owned my first car three times, starting in 1966, then again in '69 and '76. My MGA came into my life while I owned the Hudson the 2nd time. I still have both.

My father always said he wished he’d kept his first car, a '37 Nash LaFayette coupe. I figure I’ll never have to say that.

yeah, i wish i d kept my 79 mustang 5.0. i saw an old capri 5.0 sitting in a driveway the other day. it looked to have just been pulled out of the garage after many years. i almost stopped to see if it was for sale…

wish i d kept my first 75 ford supercab too. that 390 car motor in it was nice. and it got better milage than the 360 in my current 75 ford

Yeah, I wish I had my first car too, a 1960 Morris Minor. But I wish I had it after the guy I sold it too got done fixing everything wrong with it like engine, trans, brakes. I told him everything wrong with it but I thought he was going to kill me anyway after he had it for a few weeks. I had to work with the guy before he went away to school and I was saved. Still feel bad about it but what could I do?