Malibu Maxx cutting out

My 2005 Malibu Maxx randomly cuts out when I am driving it, could be 50mph on the freeway or 30mph in the city. My mechanic and the dealership are baffled, their computer finds nothing wrong. It always cranks right up afterwards.

I have seen similar situations. What we did (at the GM Dealer) was hook a event recorder (supplied by GM). Ask your Dealer if this device is still used by GM.

Thank you for that suggestion. I will call the dealership tomorrow and ask them about the event recorder.

They still use this device, every day at their shop, they don’t let you take it with you. One of the Chevy dealers kept my car for a week to see if they could experience what I had told them was happening…nothing. I called another Chevy dealer and they basically told me the same thing. I don’t feel safe driving this car and don’t know what to do. Since the throttle body was cleaned; it took 2 months for another episode

Give us details of how it cuts out. Is it sudden, or does it stumble to a stall? Is electrical power lost to anything? Does the clock flash 12:00, or do dash lights, or head lights, flicker when it stalls? Are there any other indications before, during, or after it stalls?
Does the stall happen when your are cruising, or, have let off the gas, or, accelerating?

Most recently, I was going about 50mph on the expressway, all the needles dropped down and complete power was lost, no lights, no choking…nothing, just complete loss of power. I had to merge over 3 lanes with no power onto an on ramp, i put it in park and it cranked right up. In the past, it has done it when I was stopped at a bank drive-thru, slowing down to stop at a traffic light, just random speeds and I haven’t noticed if I was breaking or not.

I suspect the ignition switch, OR, some other connection in the Power Distribution System----starting at the battery.

Make this another vote for the ignition switch as the prime suspect.

I have a warranty on all mechanicals parts for another year, is this something that they can check? Their computers didn’t find anything. They want to keep it to keep driving it to see if it happens when they’re driving. Thanks for the info; very helpful.

I’m having the same exact problem with my car. Did you ever find a solution with yours?

I am embarassed to say…my keyring was so heavy it was causing the ignition to switch off when it moved rapidly. It was a wallet attached to many keys, lots of change inside the wallet, very silly of me.