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Malfunctioning Electric Locks

I have a '95 Eagle Summit Wagon (Mitsubishi EXPO LRV) which has electric locks that malfunction. When attempting to enter the locked car with either remote or key, the locks continually reset themselves to the locked positions and prevent entry. The only way to gain entry is my continually activating the lock and pulling up on the handle at the precise moment the lock reaches the open position . . . this is hit and miss at best. I’ve checked all the electrical connections which seem to be OK. I’ve lubricated the locks and all the connecting linkages and this seems to help for a short time which leads me to believe that some part of the linkage may be worn causing the locks to slip back into the locked position. Any advise in attempting to solve this dilemma would be appreciated. Steve

Are all four doors doing this?

Doesn’t have 4 doors . . . 3 doors . . . sliding door on passenger side. It’s primarily the driver’s side door though occasionally the passenger door will also refuse to open with a key. When I am unable to get into the drivers side I enter through the passenger door and open the drivers side from the inside. If I’m inside the car and operate the dash mounted toggle switch to open all locks it will immediately lock all doors when the switch is released. I have also tried disabling the auto locks by removing the fuse and using only the key . . . the key will open the passenger door and rear hatch but not the driver’s side door. I suspect the linkage on the driver’s door may be worn since it experiences more use than the passenger door, causing the lock not to operate. When opening the locked driver’s side door with the key the manual door lock button will move upward indicating that the door is unlocked but it remains locked. If you then go to the inside through the passenger door and lift the door latch the manual door lock button will move upward another 1/16" and the lock will operate properly. This leads me to think that there is a worn mechanical linkage that is restricting the travel of locking mechanism by a very small amount and leads to the malfunction. I have taken the door panel off and have inspected and lubricated the various linkage components but nothing seems to be amiss. This has been happening for about a year and thus far lubricating the linkage has cured the problem . . . but not this time.

While the trim panel is off the drivers door, check for continuity (while activating the switch (key ON) to both sides of the power door lock actuator. By now it could very well be worn out.