Dear Tom and Ray, I have 2009 Hyundai Sonata which will soon have 70,000 miles on it. What maintenance should I have performed on it? Should I replace the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, the coolant? How about the spark plugs? The car runs great. I get 33-34 mpg on highway. Thanks Harry P.S. - I love your show. I’m going to miss it. Good luck to you both!!!

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You should do what the owner’s manual says. The manufacturer didn’t write those instructions for fun.

Check your owner’s manual. If you can/t find yours, you should be able to buy one from the car’s manufacturer, or find a semi-gerneric version from the book store.

Service needs are not the same for all cars. In the long run it is more reliable and cheaper to follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

In addition to seconding what has been stated already, I have a question for the OP.

Since 70kmiles is an odd interval to be inquiring about for maintenance, I have to wonder…
Did you have the MAJOR 60k mile maintenance performed?
If not, then this is what needs to be done at this point, albeit belatedly.

As was already said, open your glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and read what the folks who designed and built your car have specified for the 60k mile maintenance interval.

After you have taken care of that major service, there will not be “major” services again until 90k, 120k, 150k, etc. In the interim between those major services, it is likely that only oil changes are specified, but…that is just a guess on my part.

Maintaining your car should not be a mystery. All you have to do in order to de-mystify the situation is to open that Owner’s Manual and begin following the advice contained there.