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I recently bought 4 new tires…how much should it cost me to put them on and get them balanced???

Let your fingers do the walking. Call around. Prices will vary.

I suggest you call your local tire shops and ask them. Prices will vary.

I’d want to get a quality job as opposed to a cheap job, and I’d gladly pay for the difference.

It can range from $15-$40/tire installed. Usually with carry in expect to be at the top of that range.

I purchased four tires recently and they did not charge for mount/balance, I bought them at the same price as tirerack with shipping.

I have had this done several times at a local chain with tires bought on the internet. About $25 per tire–or $100 per set is the going rate.

My local mechanic charged ~$70 for valve stems, mounting and balancing 4 tires on my wife’s van.

Ed B.