Installing 4 New Tires on Quest '05

I bought 4 new tires from Sam’s. My mechanic is quoting $200 for putting them on my Quest '05 and balance them. Is that the right amount or am I getting ripped off?

Why didn’t you get Sam’s to put them on, at least for the initial installation?

$50 per tire to mount and balance, in my opinion, is too high. I just got tires mounted and balanced for about $30 each. I would also price a full service service station shop to see if they are cheaper.

Check out and check out their list of authorized installers. They have pricing information there, and you should be able to find a cheaper solution. Most of these installers provide the same price list whether you are a Tire Rack customer, or not.

Yes, your mechanic is not happy you got the tires from someone else. Call around for quotes. A quote of $20 per wheel for mounting, balancing, and putting on car sounds fair to me. They may add a tire disposal fee, or give you back your old tires for you to dispose off.

It seems a bit high.

I bought 4 new tires, (old ones replaced) had them balanced (with new valve stems) and I was charged $70 for the installation. (that also included the disposal fees for the four tires too)

Mind you, I bought the tires at the same shop that did the change over.

Go back to Sam’s and have them install them for the $10/tire.

$50/tire is quite steep. My local indy tire store rightfully charges nothing if you buy them from them and $40/tire if not.