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how much should it cost me to put 4 new tires on and get them balanced???

Depending on your location, car’s model, year, wheel size, etc., it’ll cost you anywhere between $100-$200 per wheel to get tires.

So between 400 and 800, depending on all those things, plus what sort of tires you want.

It’s hard to be specific without more information. The easiest thing would be to call Sears and ask them.

With careful shopping, less than $400…In population centers, there will be large “warehouse” tire dealers who will offer several lines of tires with different “price points”. Ask about “private label” tires with a treadwear rating over 400…

mounting 4 tires and balancing should cost you about $10 - $20/tire…cost includes removal and disposal of old tires, new valve stems, mounting and balancing…

Your TL requires higher-performance low-profile tires, which are a bit more expensive, so I’d guess $150-$200 a tire, $600 - $800 total.

My car uses high performance tires (215x45/17). I replaced mine last fall with Hankooks at Pepboys for a total of about $500 mounted and balanced. That’s about the cheapest I’ve found. I’ve been very happy with the Hankooks.