Dealer recommended service

I took my 2006 Honda Cr-v to a Honda dealer for state inspection last week (I had been using a trusted Midas service center, but their staff has changed). The car currently has 116,000 miles on it. The dealer recommended that I replace the spark plugs, which I agree with. They also recommended a power steering flush, brake fluid flush and fuel system service. I would like to keep this car for at least a few more years. Do these recommendations by the dealer make sense? (note: my husband mentioned that he has never totally replaced brake fluid in any car).

a power steering flush - How much $$? If it’s cheap ($30 or less), once every 100k miles is ok
brake fluid flush - Yes
fuel system service - not unless you’re having drivability problems

How about a transmission fluid change? When was that last done?

Spark Plugs if due according to the maintenance schedule. Brake fluid flush the next time you have new brake pads installed. Otherwise, ignore the dealer.

Other issue is the differential fluid. Check your manual for recommended fluid change interval. It is important to change that fluid periodically.


spark plugs . . . yes
brake fluid flush . . . yes. Brake fluid is hygroscopic and should be flushed every 2 years
power steering fluid flush . . . no
fuel system service . . . no, unless the shop is absolutely sure the injectors are plugged

One more thing . . . I recommend a coolant drain and refill. Should be done every 5 years on most vehicles

Gotta agree with the others. You’ll want to go over the Midas invoices and compare what was replaced like air filters, with the owners manual recommended services.

Do what’s outlined in the owners manual. I guarantee that the Fuel system service is NOT recommended in the owners manual.

" I guarantee that the Fuel system service is NOT recomended by the owners manual"

Whenever a service is offers to me like one of these at a dealership, I often give one of these wise astoroid remarks like " It’s not my job to pay for your kid’s college education " .

Tell your husband that not totally replacing the brake fluid in a car is a really bad idea. Depending on how fast you go through brakes, just ask to have it done every time you get the brakes done. It shouldn’t cost that much.

Power steering? Get a cheap turkey baster and whatever PS fluid is recommended. Every once in a while (couple times a year) use the turkey baster to suck as much fluid out of the power steering reservoir as possible. Refill with fresh fluid. Presto - routinely clean fluid and no flushing.

The fuel system cleaners are usually just a money maker for the person selling them.

Ps fluid: no
Brake fluid:yes
Plugs: yes
Fuel system cleaning: no
Coolant: yes if never done
Auto trans fluid: every 30,000 to 40,000 miles

In defense of certain dealer recommended services…the dealer is at the front line of auto service, the corporate offices not so much, and the dealer may recommend a more frequent service interval to prevent a pattern failure that the corporate office hasn’t yet dealt with. The dealer may have noticed a higher than usual number of rear differential bearing failures shortly after the warranty period. As a result, the dealer may recommend differential service every 30,000 miles, when the owner’s manual doesn’t require it until 90,000. Not all dealer add-ons are bogus.

While I would agree with most of the previously given advice, a lot depends on climate where the car is driven, and driving conditions (short or long trips, how much of city driving etc). If your car is driven in humid and/or very hot climate, or where winter gets real cold, with lots of stop and go, you may want to stay on the safe side and replace most of the fluids more frequently. Then, if the climate is mostly moderate, and driving is mostly freeway, only brake/transmission/rear differential (if so equipped) fluids and antifreeze are in order for change. Awhile ago I did power steering flush on mine, but it has twice as many miles…

It wouldn’t do any harm if the brake fluid and power steering was replaced (I assume that is what they mean by “flush”). If it were done properly I mean. If it were done improperly it could do a lot of damage. An improper job would be much worse than not doing it at all.

hmmm … I think if it were my car I’d be inclined to replace the brake fluid at the time next brake job. I wouldn’t do it independent of a brake job. Unless a brake job has just recently been done, and the fluid wasn’t changed then, and it’s been 2 or more years since it was changed. And I wouldn’t have brake work done at a dealership unless it is under warranty. I’d do it at a well recommended inde, better service and less expensive probably.

hmmm … If my car, I’d leave the power steering fluid alone, except to top it off if it is low.

hmmm … If my car, I’d leave the fuel system alone unless there are fuel related drivability symptoms.