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Maintenance on a 10 yr. old Grand Am

My mother has a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am with less than 10,000 miles. The car is driven very infrequently, maybe 6 times a year. What kind of maintenance should be done on this car? Do parts deteriorate because of the age and regardless of the mileage? Thanks!

I don’t know what climate zone the car is in but if it’s in a winter cold climate then pretty warm summer such as the midwest I would recommend a 2000-2500 mi. oil and filter change due to condinsation in the crankcase.
My mother drove less than half that in her Buick Regal. I would have the oil/filter changed every fall and just checked the tire inflation, wipers, heater, cooling system and battery.
Your mother is driving enough to keep thing moving for lubrication. Mainly just follow what the owners manual recommends as close as you can. Watching the expiration of the battery is important so she doesn’t become stranded. Batteries expire on or before the “date”. e.a. a 5 year battery will likely die at 58-61 months. Some even before. If they make it full term in my cars, I have lucked out. I use a pretty good grade of battery. Hope this helps some.

In the glove box should be the owner’s manual. It list all the maintenance required for the car. It list it by miles and by time. Some things are done by time only some by miles only and most by which ever comes first. Take a look there and follow those instructions and you will have it right.

A maintenance schedule came with the car. It’s with the owner’s manual, probably still in the glove compartment. The maintenance will have mileage and time intervals (whichever comes first) for recommended service.

Yes, some things deteriorate over time, regardless of mileage, especially rubber things like tires and belts.

I recommend the oil be changed once a year on this car, regardless of mileage.

How does mom keep the battery charged?

If the tires are original they need to be replaced asap. Don’t play with that. Other items that likely need changing are brake fluid(absorbs water) and likely the drive belt(s).

?ll good advice from above posters. My mother-in-law has a similar driving pattern. She drives about 3000 miles a year. We recommend a spring and fall oil and filter change, and the rest time-based as per the owner’s manual. She has the coolant changed every 4 years. The car, a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird, runs well and starts easily. Since she is 90 years old now she will likely not put on excessive miles causing mechanical repairs.