2004 Grand Am 100,000 miles

I have a 2004 Pontiac Grand AM with 100,000 miles. I have gotten regular 3000 mile oil changes and tire rotations. I recently had my serpentine belt changed, also. I am taking my car in on Monday to have my brake pads replaced, tran. fluid, power steering fluids changed, also radiator flush and a new thermostat. Am i forgetting anything that should also be checked?? This car is running very well at the moment and has been a dependable one. I need to make this car last at LEAST another year or so…

There should be a maintenance schedule with the owner’s manual. Check it and see if there’s anything else that should be done. Your list seems pretty complete, but the factory maintenance schedule is always the last word.

Spark Plugs ? Did Your Car Come With The 100,000 Mile AC-Delco Iridium Plugs (See Which Ones Are Specified) Or Just Conventional Plugs That Have Been Changed By Now ?

At 100,000 miles those iridium plugs usually still check out at .060". With cast iron GM heads changing plugs usually isn’t problematic, but if they haven’t been changed it’s high time to get them out before they won’t come out some day.

You don’t indicate which engine is in this car.

If your car has a timing belt in it then find out what the recommended change interval is. I’m sure you’ve kept up on air filters, right ?

Why not tell us which engine is in this Pontiac ?


Addition: It looks like all the available engines, 2.2L, 2.4L, 3.1L, and 3.4L have timing chains and not timing belts and would require no regular maintenance.

Add spark plugs and you will be fine likely for a few years to come.

This is a V6 3.4L… I change my air filter religiously :slight_smile: Spark plugs and wires were replaced approx. 2 yrs ago. Is it time for new plugs?

Another year or so??? It sounds like you keep up the maintenance on this car quite well, much better than most people who buy Grand Ams. If you keep this up, in another six years you can be bragging to the Honda and Toyota owners about your 200,000 mile Pontiac. You never hear that. Just because it’s domestic doesn’t mean it’s junk and won’t go more than 100,000 miles.

Have you had to change the lower intake gaskets yet? When you get that coolant flush, get something, ANYTHING, other than dexcool in that cooling system so you don’t have to deal with that ever, or ever again. Green is fine, and change it every two years or so.

Not too bad for a female, huh? I have friends who wouldn’t know where to start to put air in their tires. LOL
What and where are the lower intake gaskets?
BTW>>>>thanks for your input!!!

[b][i]"Not too bad for a female, huh? "

That is bad for a female ! My wife just has me do all that stuff. I even buy her gas and insurance ! All she does is drive ![/i][/b]

Do you have the Owner’s Manual ? It should have service intervals and what needs to be done, including spark plug replacement. Many GMs including my Bonneville have platinum or iridium AC-Delco spark plugs that will go 100,000 miles.