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Honda transmission

1999 Honda Accord EX 3.0 V-6 157,000 miles Last 15,000 miles the transmission jerks into 2nd and most of the time shifts smoothly beyond that. Especially jerky when moving slowly in traffic and there is a shift downward and then slow acceleration. In that case there is a suspension of movement and the engine revs slightly before the trans kicks in. Talked to a car-whisperer mechanic and he suggest a regular trans maintenance, removing the pan to check a couple of mechanisms that pushes the fluid through for a shift. This, as opposed to $2000 for a rebuilt trans. Remanufactured trans may not have Honda parts. His solution is $90 for the maintenance, and possibly $120 for parts if that is what the problem is.

The essential question here is–Has the transmission been serviced regularly (every 3 yrs/30,000 miles) during its 10 year life span? If it has, then a fluid change and replacement of some minor parts may restore the transmission to good working order.

On the other hand, if the transmission was not serviced as it should have been over the past 10 years, this “Hail Mary Pass” is not going to save it.

Is the engine light on and, if so, did the whisperer download the codes? You might not get all the detail you need with a generic code reader instead of Honda’s tool.

This transmission doesn’t have a pan. The only way to service it is to remove the drain plug, drain as much as will come out (Usually about 4 quarts)and refill using HONDA fluid ONLY… A pressure test will confirm low pressures at low speeds. You might be looking at a pump issue which means overhaul…