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Rear seal oil leak

My 2002 SLS Cadillac with 97,000 miles on it is in very good shape. It has an oil leak and the mechanic put some dye into the oil and told me to drive it for a few days then brng it back and he would check with an ultraviolet to see if the oil was coming from the rear main seal. If it is, should I have it repaired, which I know is expensive, or should I ditch the Caddy?

The first step should be an inspection of the PCV valve, which is easy and cheap.
A clogged or stuck PCV will pressure up the crankcase and a rear main seal is usually the first thing that will leak when this occurs.

Thanks for that info but it does not really address my question. Should I repair the Caddy with 97,000 miles on it or get rid of it, if it is the rear main seal? It’s in excellent condition otherwise.

My opinion would be to fix it IF the rear seal is really leaking and depnding on the definition of pricy.
In some parts of the country labor rates are going on double what they are here in OK so that could put a crimp in it.

It’s unusual for a real seal to develop a leak on any car at such a comparatively young age and mileage.

The blue book does not give this car a very high price so I am inclined to repair it and drive it untill I pass on. I think it has more life in it than I do. I have an idea fixing it would cost about the same as the blue book price. A Caddilac dealer would be prohibitive price wise but I the power steering line replaced at $80 for 2 1/2 hours of labor here on Port Charlotte, FL. Many thanks for your input,
ok4450. Tom