2013 Accord Rear Main Seal?

I’ve been looking to buy a 2013 accord. This is an exl with good mileage and price but this is the only thing throwing me off. Is this a rear main seal leak? Should I avoid this car? Is this a major or minor issue?

A minor issue with a major cost of repair. IF it really is a rear main leak. I cannot confirm it is as many leaks would end up right there.

Does it leave a puddle?

Is the car a manual or automatic? V6 or 4?

How many miles on it? Has the clutch been replaced anytime recently?

It’s an automatic 4 cylinder. There wasn’t a puddle when I looked at the car.

82k miles and no clutch replacement

'Cause it doesn’t have a clutch…

Doesn’t seem to be a big leak but… Rather than have me say “OK you should buy his car” from one picture on the internet, why not spend a little money and have your mechanic check the car over before you buy it. Best $100-125 you’ll ever spend getting a hands-on inspection.

Good Luck.


Thank you! I’ll take it to the mechanic.


Make sure the mechanic knows it’s a prepurchase inspection. Ask for a list of things needed to get it past inspection in your state if you have one and then repairs that would be nice, but not necessarily needed immediately. Tires might be on either list. It it doesn’t need tires immediately, you might need them in 6 to 12 months. Adjust the price for wear items that aren’t quite worn out yet too.

Possibly a torque converter seal also. No matter; any leak from the converter or rear main seal means that both should always be replaced.

For a comparatively young car with low miles it seems to be unusual for either one of those seals to be leaking at this point from age or miles.
That leads me to wonder if maybe the transmission has been out of the car before and someone maybe jostled the transmission a bit much during the reinstallation; leading to possibly damaging the seal.