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2005 Nissan Maxima - new battery, new alternator, new problem

Hi I had my alternator replace and I also replace the battery. Because they both were starting to give me trouble. I remember seeing my old battery still connected while the guy was replace the alternator. I don’t know if this has anything thing to do with it but now my car isn’t starting . Nothing was wrong with it starting before he worked on it . Do you have any suggestions?..

Did it start and drive away from the shop when the alternator was replaced? If so, the mechanic didn’t hurt anything. If not, maybe he damaged the car, maybe he didn’t, there is no way to tell unless you can say why the car won’t start.

Either way, my first suggestion is to have the car towed to an auto shop to be diagnosed.

There’s a good chance he wasn’t careful enough and blew a fuse

He should have used a 12V memory saver, then disconnected the old battery, replace the alternator and battery, then reconnect everything, then disconnect the battery saver