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Mac and his Dodge Dakota

I think you missed an important possibility for Mac’s problem (his new Dakota with an automatic transmission “glides” more than his old Ranger with a standard transmission did). It’s possible that this is just the difference in “engine drag” that you get when you take your foot off of the gas while driving an automatic versus a stick. He should just get used to the idea of buying more brake light bulbs since he will be using the brakes more. Afterall, it’s a public service since he will be boosting the economy.

Question for Transman.

Do torque converter lockup clutches release when the accelerator pedal is let off of? Is the “glide” effect simply a matter of some of the vehicle’s inertial energy being comverted to heat energy in the torque converter fluid, to be dissppated by the tranny cooler? It there effectively “slippage” in the connection between the engine and the tranny?

Enquiring minds want to know.