Automatic transmission issue in 2000 Dodge Dakota

I noticed about a year ago that when you let it sit over night and goto drive it the shifting takes longer. What it does is sound like its reving higher then normal then shifts kinda hard. But if i let go of the gas real quick it will shift. As soon as it warms up it is fine. I have been told this is done on purpose to heat the motor up quickly but that doesnt seem right. I also have been told to get the filter changed but i thought if it was that the fluid would be dark but it still looks brand new. Could it have something to do with the fan clutch? Sorry for all the info lol.

I forgot to mention someone said it could be a dtec cable? Never heard of it but they said it could be that or some kind of throttle sensor on the transmission. I recently passed inspection and have no check engine lights on.

The longer engagement issue after sitting over night could be just the converter draining back into the pan. Let the vehicle idle for 30 sec to 1 minute before shifting into gear. This allows the converter a chance to charge. About a detent cable? No chance, this transmission is electronic and does not use a detent cable.


Lol I replied but didnt see it post. I have tried that several times and am starting to think its the fan clutch. It will sound real loud till it heats up then it shifts smoother as the fan clutch stops roaring so im confused.