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LX470 Starter

Have a 1999 Lexus Lx470 that does not turn over when starting in slightly cold weather (<60 degrees). Need to turn the key several times before the starter kicks in. Any ideas?

Do you get absolutely nothing, then a clean start after several tries? I don’t know about the LX, but my ES starter solenoid contacts wore out, gave me those symptoms.

Each time I turn over the key, I hear a click. Sometimes it appears that the starter motor tries to turn over but fails. After several attempts it finally catches and turns on. Thanks for the lead, will have the starter solenoid contacts checked out.

How old is the battery on this vehicle?
What you describe could simply be a very weak battery that will soon die. I suggest having a load test done on the battery before you wind up stranded somewhere inconvenient.

Sometimes Sears will do a load test free-of-charge, and sometimes they charge for this service. (There is a price posted for a load test, but at least half the time the guy there just tells me that the battery is fine and that there is no charge. I thank him and drive away!)