Lumina starting troubles



I have a 90 Lumina Euro and every once in a while it won’t start. Sometimes jiggling the automatic shift helps, sometimes not. Sometimes a jump will help, sometimes not. Battery’s good. Connections are OK. What I’ve noticed over the years is that it seems to be related to engine heat. On Car Talk a few weeks ago someone had a similar problem with a differant {newer} auto and the problem was suggested to be in a fuel cutoff sensor. I’m told the Lumina has no such sensor. I thought maybe the crankshaft bearing sensor but I’m told that problem wouldn’t be intermittent. Cylinder pressure’s good. Has anyone had any similar problems?


The next time it doesn’t start, turn the ignition switch to the run position so the dash lights come on. Step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts right up, the problem might be with the park/neutral safety switch.