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Lumbar support

I need more support in my lower back for long distance driving (sometimes short distance too). Some posts in the past 2 years identified a car seat cushion from COSTCO that had a memory gel. When I search their web site I find nothing in their inventory.
Anyone have specific information on the product and where it might be stocked in the COSTCO warehouse?
Any other sources that have been proven to work?

The have a combo seat cushion and lumbar support now instead of the gel/memory foam cushion. Its in the warehouse where the oil, batteries etc are.

BTW, I use a memory foam lumbar support from AutoZone.

Costco’s warehouse inventory changes frequently

Batteries and oil are not in the same place. I think several years ago, the car batteries may have been in the main warehouse, but no longer

Batteries are in the tire shop now

Oil, wiper blades, car wash soap, shop rags, etc. are in the main warehouse

The seat cushion/lumbar support . . . assuming they currently have one . . . would be in the main warehouse

Check With Medical Supply Stores. Many Have Different Cushions And Devices In Stock.

Also, Check With Chiropractic Offices. I Know One That Stocks A Variety Of Items Like What You’re Seeking.

The beauty of finding something in stock locally, if it holds with my experiences in my nearest small town, is that these places will let you take them out to your vehicle and try them in the parking lot before a purchase decision is made.

Absolutely every human has different things that work. Everyone is different. Anybody who tells you theirs is “proven to work” is either selling them or is full of bologna.

I have at least a dozen seat pads in my garage that I’ve tried, until finally finding one that worked for me. I’m afraid you’ll have to go through the same process. Sorry.

Personally, I hate “memory foam”. Some people love it.

Myself, I can’t stand lumbar supports and always deflate them. Maybe it just hits me in the wrong place but I don’t like them. Whatever works though.

Everyone’s back is different. My wife does not like the seats in my Toyota, and I find the seats in her Mazda too hard. She just loves them.

So, there is a wide range of cushions you can buy to get just the right level of comfort.

Years ago Road & Track magazine did an elaborate article on seats and comfort. The best seats they found were in a Mercedes garbage truck; a sturdy bench with good support for all day use!!!

If you want the best seat cushions and/or lumbar supports, try a truck stop. Those guys know seats, probably as good or better than an orthopedist.

Amazon has this and others…

I got one of these, and it helped hip and back issues, best deal was Bed bath and beyond, $18 vs up to $50

I use one like the below but with the seat portion cut off. I have a ladyfriend that pumps her lumbar support all the way up and adds a lumbar pillow-type pad on top of that.
Everybody’s needs are different.

This works for me

@mountainbike I have a rather hard office chair and bought one of those and can now sit all day in comfort.